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I make good decisions in February.

In February 2019 I took the plunge and attended a Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher course. As outlined in my previous blogs I had used hypnobirthing in my first pregnancy and wholly credit it with how I remained so relaxed throughout my fairly long labour. I also felt, despite things not quite going “to plan”, remarkably positive about the experience.

I decided to look back at past Februaries and here's what I found...

Back in February, 2016 I planned an impromptu weekend away with my husband. We enjoyed a staycation in Ashford.... we believe THAT was the weekend our parenting journey started. Eight weeks later we found out we were expecting. Our Son arrived in late November 2016 (as detailed in a previous blog). In February 2020 we knew we wanted to have a second baby. We discussed and planned and hoped and fell pregnant with our daughter the following month. As described in my birth blog #2 she was born peacefully and comfortably at home in December 2020 - it is a positive birth story I am delighted to share.

So if anyone else made a brave, exciting decision in February 2021 and decided to start a family you may now be 7+ months pregnant. Congratulations if that’s you. I’d say it would be the perfect time to indulge in a hypnobirthing course and here’s why….

More than ever, we know the strain that maternity services are under and as a result of them being seriously overworked and understaffed parents’ choices are becoming the thing that unfortunately’s got to give…

Hypnobirthing teaches the biology of birth and reinforces the wonder of pregnancy while acknowledging that in the same way you didn’t need to scrutinise and worry about how your body would grow a baby you do not need to fear how your body will birth a baby. When confident and empowered your parasympathetic system which enables rest, calm and comfort works in harmony. Seriously, you have all the muscles and hormones you need to birth comfortably and efficiently. These wonderful uterine muscles and love hormones do not do their best work however when you feel frightened or observed. For many, hospitals are a place where they feel exactly this so (if safe to) staying at home as long as you feel able to can reap huge benefits in terms of your well-being and progression of labour.

A hypnobirthing course can prepare you for any and all decisions you face during pregnancy and labour. Hypnobirthing teachers know the latest research and information on the care parents can opt to receive as well as the advantages of individual care for mother/parent and baby. As mentioned, towards the end of pregnancy there tends to be lots of decisions to be made: home birth? Hospital birth? If so, which hospital? Will you use a pool? Which pain relief and comfort measures would you be happy to receive? What will your birth plan look like? Who will first hold your baby and cut their cord? Will you opt to delay cord cutting, weighing and other newborn assessments to establish that golden hour with your baby all being well… sometimes the freedom of these decisions can be threatened by a spanner in the works such as baby’s size, position or growth. I should add that hospitals may perceive these spammers as obstacles in your path to the birth you want but again (most) hypnobirthing teachers will have read widely around these subjects and can signpost the best places to find information about any issues you face.

For more information about how hypnobirthing can help you, get in touch! Or you can find more information at:

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